The Breakthrough Workshop

In this self mastery workshop, RMT strategic intervention life coach Kate Dennison will guide you directly into the heart of your own potential. Unlock the psychological barriers to progress and open the flood gates into your own power, strength and success. 

You will learn to reframe your focus, master your behavioural patterns, bind yourself to your future vision, channel your ambition and leap forward with fire and determination into whatever goal you set yourself in this program and beyond. 

Strap in for this one, we’re going all in for major level breakthroughs!


  • Focus, belief, action 
  • Ultimate vision and mission (Becoming God exercise – designing the optimum human)
  • The law of attraction 
  • Dismantling old belief systems and creating new
  • The marshmallow challenge (group exercise)


  • Excited, happy team 
  • A motivated group
  • Friendships formed right from the outset
  • Ice broken straight away through immediate group collaboration work

Nutrition Workshop

This Workshop engages you and helps you to understand the importance of good nutrition to  ease the stresses of everyday life and promote good health.

We look at the link between food, lifestyle and health outcomes. The workshop focuses on the impact that food can have on motivation, concentration and mood; how to eat well at work and participants will discover the elements of a healthy diet to feel well, including blood sugar levels, essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

You will be led to assess your own diet and lifestyle and be inspired to set personal goals to start making small positive changes. This is with the aim of establishing long-term healthy eating habits which promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle.

We also give you direct access to tools which help you track, monitor and achieve your goals.

Energy Systems and Fitness Workshop

The body requires energy to sustain life. When engaged in a high intensity exercise, this need is even greater.  Understanding the body’s use of energy is therefore critical. It is only then can we create an effective training program, using all 3 energy systems (phosphagen, aerobic and anaerobic), for optimal fitness results.