Why it’s important to meal plan


Easier to avoid unhealthy options

When you meal plan, it makes it easier to avoid temptation. You can purchase the ingredients in advance, which means you’re less likely to have foods in the house that could be considered ‘unhealthy’. 


Time saving

Meal planning can also save you time. By dedicating an hour or so to planning your meals for the week, you don’t have to spend any time wondering what’s for dinner after work! If you pair this with meal prepping – cooking and storing all your meals for the week in advance – you’re saving so much time each week. And once again, you’re saving yourself from temptation!


Reduces food waste

By planning in advance, you’ve already got everything you need exactly.


Money Saving

It can also help you save money – you know exactly what you’re buying and therefore don’t overspend / buy things you don’t need. 

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