Jamie Richardson

Mr Motivator / Concierge

Head Coach, Organiser, and all-around Mr. Motivator; Jamie will be your go-to for any need you have at the NewWave Retreats.

He’ll encourage you to reach your full potential with a fun, charismatic approach. 

Kate Dennison

Life Coach

Kate is a certified RMT strategic intervention life coach specialising in lasting happiness. She is an author, meditation instructor, and motivational speaker.  

Kate believes every human on earth has the potential to achieve self-realisation; understanding who and what we are at the deepest,  experiential sub-anatomical level. 

Kate believes the key to happiness is based on three fundamental principals: 

Rest. We begin in a state of calm and tranquillity to enable your best energy to surface for the work. Kate will teach you Vipassana meditation,  and work with you to build a sustainable healthy life routine that allows  healing and recovery in order to grow. 

Laughter is key and the expression of your joy. Kate will help you uncover those things in your life that sync you to this higher frequency state of being.  

Self-mastery is the core of the work. Master your mind to master the techniques you will use to master every area of your life. 

Kate was trained in the academy founded by Tony Robbins & Chloe  Madanes


Laughter Yoga Instructor Bio Emma

Emma has not always been a laughing yogi, she is the founding publisher of the eco-friendly consumer
guide, The Green Guide for London and the natural parenting magazine, Juno which she published and coedited for 7 years. Emma is one of the co-founders of Brighton Laughter Club which has been running
weekly laughter yoga sessions in the heart of Brighton since 2011. Emma discovered laughter yoga after a
particularly stressful period in her life and is passionate about sharing this simple, powerful and accessiblepractice with others. She has run sessions at yoga retreats, in Ashrams and on beaches around the world as well as for local schools, business and charities in Brighton. In her spare time Emma enjoys improvised comedy and swimming in the sea.

Emma can be found at:

We are social creatures and laughter yoga offers a simple and profound way to connect with others whist
uplifting our mood and boosting our immunity. Laughter yoga sessions combine laughter exercises and deep breathing along with silly songs and games. Sessions conclude with a laughter meditation where we laugh for absolutely no reason, followed by a grounding visualisation. In laughter yoga we initiate laugher by pretending to laugh – this has the same benefits as more spontaneous laughter, and utilises the fact that laughter is so contagious.

Laughter yoga has many benefits:

• Stress-busting
• Boosts immunity
• Energizes and relaxes
• Increases playfulness and creativity
• Enhances relationships and connection

Taylor O'Farrell

NewWaves Right Hand Man

Taylor is a fresh, enthusiastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge surrounding the health and fitness world. He has completed his L3 Gym instructor and Personal training courses which will benefit and optimise the results from your NewWave Retreats experience.

Taylor has extensive expertise in nutrition which he is keen to relay to clients and others with an interest in bodybuilding, fitness or improving general lifestyle choices.


Senior Coach

Iain has played competitive sport since the age of 6. Playing team sports at a high level before moving on to fighting sports. Which lead to boxing 10 years as a professional. Iain has worked in fitness for the last 15 years teaching professional athletes and health & fitness clients. Iain is a qualified Level 4 PT, Strength & conditioning coach, Yoga instructor, Nutritional therapist and mediation coach.


Wim Hof Instructor

Mat’s an experienced Personal Trainer and Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor who’s personally spent time alongside Wim testing his limits in the cold and learning from the Master himself. Now, he’s on a mission to empower people to better manage their health using these simple, proven, natural methods. 

After experiencing severe burnout as a result of a hectic lifestyle and chronic stress, Mat used the Wim Hof Method as a tool to help him recover and still uses it today to optimise his body and mind. He believes all health starts with the mind. And when you have a clear and content mind, you make better decisions and are more likely to achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.


Yoga Instructor

Sat Nam, I am Tabather the forever student, mother, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation guide, (500+) Gong player and Shiatsu practitioner who also facilitates the Mother Nature project called ‘The Mother’s Journey’. I regularly offer classes, workshops, gong baths, and retreats with a passion for Earth connection and working regeneratively. My intention is to build community, whilst caring for
the more than human world, sharing an embodied practice with a healthy dose of functional philosophy. I’ve had the blessing and opportunity to teach all around the world including England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Greece.

I invite you on an exploration of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Whether a seasoned yogi or an absolute beginner, feel welcomed as we all travel together. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is as much about the practice on your mat as it is off your mat. It’s the spaces in between, where you can transfer the gifts of your practice into an applied wisdom that can guide you through your life’s journey. Each class will give you an experience of transcending the boundary of your own perceived limitations by using a combination of movement, breath work, sacred sounds and applied awareness. It’s an inner pilgrimage into the mighty and often undiscovered aspects of who you are.