NewWave Corporate Retreats

Do you want to:

Bring your team closer together

Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork

Empower your staff

To reach their full potential and build personal resilience

Forge strong bonds

Improve communication and teamwork in the workplace

Team morale and performance

Promote work-life balance amongst employees to boost their morale and performance

Show your staff they are valued

Studies find employees who feel valued demonstrate increased productivity and higher retention rate

Equip staff

Equip staff with all the self-care tools they need

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Putting team

Connection & Wellbeing

at the heart of your company agenda.

A team that works together performs and excels. That’s why team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your staff.

Learn how to build trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration. 

Through uniting the group and strengthening relationships, our corporate programs champion individual courage to think outside the box.

Bringing people


With purpose

Our unique corporate wellbeing programs are tailored for companies and teams of all sizes, and for staff at all levels of the organisation. We teach employees to focus on improving their own health and wellbeing whilst building meaningful connections with colleagues. Individuals leave with practical wellbeing tools they can implement in the workplace, a stronger support network, and  renewed enthusiasm for looking after themselves and each other.

Wellness is often thought to be synonymous with physical health, but it also encompasses mental and spiritual wellbeing.

We adopt a holistic approach in our programs that unites mind, body and spirit that inspires the individual, strengthens the team and magnetises company success.

We believe this is the key to the success of our programs and why our clients time and again leave so uplifted and enlightened.

A bespoke experience for every team

We tailor every program to our client's brief to ensure we achieve all key objectives. Once we understand the group dynamics we will curate a package accordingly based on the group size, time of year, length of the retreat, client brief, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that as a business you may want to utilize a corporate retreat as an opportunity to conduct some of your own private meetings, presentations, or celebrations. We’re happy to source locations with suitable indoor spaces and equipment should we need it.

We work with a number of venues from country houses to hotels in the city. Once we understand your requirements, we’ll provide a package solution that works for you.

The list is very extensive. Nothing is out of bounds. Please get in touch, and we’ll work our magic to make sure we can work it into your itinerary.